About Our Company

About Us

In 1992, we started exploring different regions of Turkey to find a promising marble deposit. We finalized our search in 1994 in Amasya, where we started operating our quarry, producing nature's most beautiful beige marble.

Initially, we started processing and cutting marble in our factory in Istanbul, established in 1995. During this period, we focused on applying marble in the construction sector and gained invaluable expertise in installation. We had the opportunity to apply our marble in building complexes, shopping malls and museums; and also, offer clients our experience in installation.

In 2002, in order to increase efficiency, we moved our factory from Istanbul to Amasya. This allowed us to offer better quality, faster delivery, and more competitive rates to our customers.

Since then, we've been processing most of our production in our factory in Amasya, offering our customers dimensional marble in the form of slabs and tiles, and the rest as block marble.

To add more value for our customers, we began branching out into different sectors. In 2006, we started offering construction materials to our customers in both wholesale and retail. To fulfill the needs of our marble quarry, we started to operate in steel production sector in 2011, and in petroleum industry in 2015.

In return of all our efforts, we've been rewarded with our customers' satisfaction and trust. As Amasya Mermer, we take great pride in that, and still work with the same enthusiasm as the day we started.